Written by Emily Falconer on 19th April 2016

Wedding flowers – what proportion of the wedding budget should be spent on them?

Guest blog post by Liz Inigo Jones Blue Sky Flowers

This is a difficult question as there is no easy answer. Every bride is different – one bride will not be particularly interested in flowers apart from her bouquet and maids’ flowers, whilst another will be concerned to the point of obsession that the roses are the same shade of pink as the stationery and ribbons and will want flowers everywhere … - Julie-17

Some wedding magazines may advise that ‘the average bride spends £2000’ – but in my experience there is no such thing as an average bride and I’ve certainly never met a bride who wanted to be regarded as average anyway!

The best way to approach a floral budget is perhaps to consider the most important elements throughout the day – where you need flowers the most.

Okay so are you going to carry a bouquet? Now you must decide how many maids there will be, are they adults or littlies, do you want them to have flowers, crowns, petals in baskets, can the flowers easily be moved from the ceremony to reception, do you want to have flowers on every table for the reception and on the table for the signing of the register, do they need to be a particular height?

pastel bouquet

These questions could be considered the floral starting point. The next step is to get some ballpark prices for seasonal displays from florists that you would like to work with – do these figures work for you, are they less than you feared or more than you anticipated?

Depending on your answer, you can proceed to either, increasing your budget and adding more displays or capping it there, maybe reducing the size of the individual displays or looking at different wedding flowers/plant options.

This is your wedding, so don’t feel pressured into having flowers if you don’t want them or feeling guilty about spending more on them than your husband to be is spending on his suit. Whilst the wedding flowers won’t stay with you forever, the photographs will. You may just look at them over the years and regret not having THAT pink rose after all or spending that extra money on another display rather than settling for a few favours that may get left on the table anyway.

gold vases with peach and cream flowers

So, what to consider when actually choosing your wedding flowers:

In no particular order – time of year, weather, seasonal availability, venue decoration, what else will be on the tables – will food be served plated or from dishes on the table, available set up time at the venue, whether displays can be moved from ceremony to reception… just to name a few.

Once you have found a florist whose style and price you are happy with, talk to them about the venue. If they’ve worked there before, they will have ideas to share on where you can maximise wedding flowers, save money by moving things around and what style is best for the venue. But don’t be put off if a florist is new to the venue, many venues are similar in layout and style and what is allowed – any venue is new to every florist at one time! Talk to them about options, ideas, themes, look at the portfolio of their work and perhaps do a walk around the venue with them. - Julie-77

Above all, keep true to what you like, avoid what you don’t like, don’t be talked into having something that is on trend if it isn’t ‘you’ and most importantly enjoy the process – you are only going to do this once!!

No.4 Hamilton Place can work with the florist you choose to make sure that the venue looks stunning for your big day.

candles by katy lunsford

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