No 4 Hamilton Place (The Royal Aeronautical Society)
Terms & Conditions For Room Hire

“No 4 Hamilton Place” means the registered address of the Royal Aeronautical Society, No 4 Hamilton Place, London, W1J 7BQ. “Conditions” Means the standard terms and conditions set out in this document.

Supporters are encouraged to become Full Members of the Society and therefore receive the associated benefits. Please ask for current details from the Room Hire office.

Rates of hire for all accommodation are as outlined on the accompanying sheets. The hire charges for the  Bill Boeing Lecture Theatre offers inclusive of the use of: AV technician, Data Projector, Screen, Lectern & mic, 2 xhand held mics, 4x top table mics.

Please note that bookings must be confirmed in writing. A confirmed booking constitutes formal acceptance of these terms and conditions.

Bookings should not be taken as confirmed unless the client has supplied written confirmation to the Society and singed T&C’s signed & returned.

Provisional Bookings should be confirmed or rejected within seven working days of the initial provisional booking being made. No Guarantee will be made that unconfirmed provisional bookings will be kept for the client.

Periods Of Booking
The scales of hire charges relate to the following session’s:
Full Day Session 08.00 – 17.00 Hours.
(Clients may gain access to the building in advance of 08.00 by special arrangement and such early openings are subject to charge.)

Part Day Session
Mornings 08.00 – 13.00 Hours
Afternoon 14.00 – 17.00 Hours
Evenings 18.00 – 21.30 Hours

Clients shall ensure that all persons associated with their event vacate the rooms by the end of the hire period. Clients who over run their booking periods without prior arrangement will automatically be subject to room hire charge at the hourly rate on a “pro rata” basis.

Weekend and late night openings are subject to special rates, prices on request.

Payment And Room Hire Charges
Full payment is required upon written confirmation of your event.

All accounts not paid within 30 days will be liable for a 25% per month surcharge until paid.
Charges for room hire are updated to be effective from January 1st each year. Bookings are charged at the rate prevailing on the date for which the booking has been made, and not the date upon which the booking was taken.

Cancellation Charges
Cancellation charges are levied as follows:
25% of the room hire rate if the booking is cancelled within 124 working days prior to the date of the meeting.
50% of the room hire rate if the booking is cancelled within 93 working days prior to the date of the meeting.
75% of the room hire rate if the booking is cancelled within 62 working days prior to the date of the meeting.
100% of the room hire rate if the booking is cancelled within 31 working days or less prior to the date of the meeting.

The Society cannot be held responsible for failure to complete the contract owing to exceptional weather conditions, or any other circumstances beyond the control of the Society.

Agent commission of 10% is payable on the room hire session times and F&B  only.

The Client will be responsible and will indemnify the Society for all accidents, injuries, and losses and for the cost of repair for any damage done to any part of the property or the contents of the building which may occur from any cause whatsoever (including willful or deliberate damage) in connection with their use of the premises and for any claims made against the owner by any third party as a result of the acts of the client or the clients guests. The client must carry insurance to cover these risks along with adequate public liabilities insurance. Copies of the clients insurance policies to be made available to the Society on request. The Society carries statutory public liabilities insurance.

Catering Services
Catering services are provided by Dish 2 Ltd, Unit 14, Greenwich Business Park, 53 Norman Road, London SE10 9QF. Clients are only permitted to use the Society’s caterers and no other catering facility /food or drinks should be brought onto the premises.

Final numbers of guests must be notified to the Society four working days in advance of the function and it is this number that will be charged for. However in many cases we are able to cater for slight changes in numbers up to 48 hours before the function, providing we have written confirmation of these numbers and we have authorised the changes.

Requests for special diets & vegetarian meals must be made, at the latest, by the time of confirming final numbers. Such meals will be produced at no extra charge. (This excludes requests for Kosher meals) Please also see Confirmation Of Requirements.

Unless prior agreement is reached a charge will be made for any member of staff working later than 10.30 pm and are therefore unable to take the last reasonable and safe public transport to their home and have to take taxis and minicabs.

Our caterers prices will be reviewed in time for the new Banqueting Season starting in January of each year.

Confirmation Of Requirements
Clients are advised that they must supply the information outlined on the confirmation letter, in writing to the room hire department by no later than midday on the Monday of the week preceding the week in which their event takes place. The Society is under no obligation to meet requirements received after this deadline and reserve the right to cancel the clients booking without refund should any requirements exceed realistic expectations.

Clients are responsible for the orderly and safe conduct of the function and for ensuring that the employees, contractors, agents and guests do not interfere with any other persons use and enjoyment of the facilities.

Clients are responsible for ensuring that all electrical and ancillary equipment that they bring on to the premises meet current statutory safety standards.

The Society requests that clients observe areas which are designated as non food or drinking, non smoking areas, and refrain from using mobile phones in the main reception area.

Please do not attach anything to any walls. Display screens can be provided.

The Royal Aeronautical Society is not cleared to hold classified events.

Room Layout
The arrangement of tables, chairs and displays will be discussed with the client, and every effort will be made to recognise their requirements. Unless a particular room setting is specified, the room will be prepared in the usual way for functions of a similar kind. It may not always be possible to make major changes at short notice, but every effort will be made to accommodate last minute requests.

Clients will be asked to notify the society staff member responsible for room hire of the client staff member with whom all arrangements should be made, and whom all correspondence should be addressed.

The client staff member or some other person nominated by the client should be available at least for commencement of the event for which the booking has been made so that any details that may need to be resolved can be attended to. That client staff member should also be identified to the society’s Receptionist so that any messages directed into the building may be passed on effectively and promptly.

Equipment & Materials Belonging To The Client
The Society cannot be held responsible for any equipment or materials which are brought onto the premises by the client, and additionally reserves the right to refuse to accept onto the premises any chemicals of a toxic or combustible nature.

Clients are responsible for the clearance of their own rubbish and other waste materials from the building at the end of their event. In the event that this is undertaken by the Society, a charge may be levied accordingly.

Sale Of Goods
Clients are not permitted to offer goods of any description for sale on the society’s premises, although it is recognised that in many instances the meetings and conferences have an element of commercial trading and this is of course acceptable.

Sponsorship and Publicity Material
All publicity material produced by the organiser of any meeting, seminar, conference, exhibition, lecture or other activity at the Society must state the full name of the organiser and the address of the company or organisation from whom further details of the event are to be obtained.

A telephone service – ‘at a unit charge’ – is available through extension phones via the society switchboard.

Photocopying facilities are available on the premises for small amounts of copying at a ‘per sheet charge’

In the event of a fire the fire alarm (continuous ringing of the bells) will be activate. The Society staff will assist in the evacuation of the building escorting guests to the assembly point.
The event organiser must make them self familiar with all fire escapes prior to the start of their event.

Access for the Disabled
The Society is disabled friendly. Please contact the Society for details.

Smoking policy
The Society operates a non-smoking policy in its building.

I understand that this form outlines the terms and conditions of hire for this venue and that we ‘the hirer’ are now subject to these terms & conditions.

Please sign and return
(Please note that if we do not receive this signed tear of sheet it still constitutes a formal acceptance of the terms and conditions over).


Today’s Date

Name of your Conference/Banquet

Date Of Your Conference/Banquet

Please fax or post your signed replies to, Fax Number 020 7670 4309 or Post to Room Hire, No 4 Hamilton Place, London, W1J 7BQ.
Our booking will not constitute a firm booking until this form has been received by the room hire staff of No 4.

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