Written by Emily Falconer on 19th May 2016

There’s something magical about a good summer party. So choosing the right summer party venue is essential! It sticks in the memory of its guests for years after, but what’s the special formula? There isn’t just one thing that elevates a good party to a great one, it’s a combination of loads of different factors. See if you’ve missed any off your ‘must-have’ list for this year’s big bash…


We don’t get a big window to enjoy outdoor events in the UK, so it goes without saying that Plan A for your summer party venue should be somewhere with an outside space. The garden, rooftop, courtyard or terrace needs to have a wow factor about it that makes an immediate impression on guests. Beautiful foliage, sweeping lawns, fabulous views, stunning water features… there are lots of things that make an outside summer party venue stand out. On your first site visit to any potential choice, be aware of how you feel when you first arrive – did it wow you?

Summer party venue - flowers

Flowers On The Terrace

Plan B

As any event organiser knows, the British summer isn’t shy of the occasional downpour or cold snap. You need to make sure your summer party venue has an amazing inside space which you are equally excited about in case the weather turns on you. Throughout planning, picture everything in both locations so neither you nor your guests are disappointed by the contingency plan. We’ve got lots of great ideas for how to cope if the weather’s not on your side.

Summer party venue inside option

Themed Argyll Room


Whether you want the music to play a central role in your event or to simply blend into the background, it’s a decision you need to take seriously. Music is a close step behind the venue in creating the right atmosphere at your summer party. If you’re going for a sophisticated feel, you could consider a string quartet. Trying for a carnival atmosphere? Then nothing beats a steel band. You might also want to think about live jazz to add a touch of class to your occasion.

Summer party venue music

A String Quartet

Food and drink

Summer is such an exciting time of year to put together a party menu. Seasonal fruit, veg, meat and fish help create dishes full of flavour and colour. Harness the nostalgic powers of strawberries and cream, barbecued chicken drumsticks and Pimms cocktails if you’re looking to create an English feel to your event. Or, if it’s a holiday vibe you’re after, nothing says tropical beach like a Pina Colada and fruity salads.

Summer party venue f&b

Pimms Cocktail


Getting the right people serving food and drink and meeting and greeting your guests goes a long way to hosting a successful party. Take the time to brief everyone your guests will have contact with. As well as making your expectations clear, it will also help them feel invested in your party and they will therefore go the extra mile for you.

Summer party venue staff

Fantastic Staff

Keeping it warm

When the sun goes down, it gets cold. That’s the simple reality in the UK and a fact that organisers of summer parties need to deal with throughout planning. Invest in hiring or buying outdoor heaters, blankets, outside log burners, shawls, hand warmers… anything you can think of that will enable your guests to stay outside as the temperature drops. Hot toddies or warm cider hot chocolate will go down a treat later on in the evening. It’s always a good idea to have some inside space, so that guests can thaw out if they’ve got cold outside.


Soft, evening lighting will create ambience at your summer party. Up-lighting at the base of trees and shrubs, fairy lights in branches and candles on tables and lining walkways will really help add to the magic of your evening.

Summer party venue lighting

Lighting Options

Summer parties at No.4 Hamilton Place

Here at No.4, we’re lucky enough to have an outside space with unrivalled views over Hyde Park. As well as enjoying a jaw-dropping vantage point, the Terrace is linked to our beautiful Edwardian Argyll Room and has recently undergone a stunning refurb. Our summer barbecue packages start at £93 per guest, summer bowl packages from £82 and summer canape packages from £79+VAT.

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