Written by Emily Falconer on 14th June 2017

How to stimulate delegates and increase engagement

There are lots of things that go towards making a conference a success. The right venue, the perfect menu and staying in budget are just a few. But however carefully an event has been planned it relies on one element above all others to reach its full potential – committed delegates. Without the complete buy-in and participation of your invitees all of your hard work could come to nothing. Take a moment to read through our run-down of some of the things you can do as an organiser to stimulate your attendees and help boost their engagement at your conference.


One of the best ways to get your delegates involved in your event before the day is to set up groups on several social media platforms. Start conversations about your content, involve your speakers, drop hints about the menu, circulate information about transport, encourage networking… there are loads of ways to build the excitement and begin momentum. Make sure you create a simple, catchy hashtag and use it throughout your communication.

On arrival

Personally greeting your guests is a great start to the day. It might someone’s first time at the venue, perhaps even their first time attending a conference, so a friendly face from the organising team will go a long way to settling any pre-conference nerves. Making people feel at home from the off will make them feel part of the event an increase their commitment to the day. The reception area at No.4 Hamilton Place is a fabulous space in which to welcome delegates or we have smaller suites for larger event which need a dedicated room for registrations.


Getting the food and drink right is a delicate balancing act at a conference, and there are a few rules of thumb to keep in mind. Begin the day with good quality tea and coffee (we serve Musetti Italian coffee and Tea Pigs tea) to kick-start enthusiasm. If you’re serving breakfast ensure there are lots of slow-release foods to keep your guests’ energy levels up. Our superfood breakfast buffet is always a popular choice with clients and the Pecan, maple, pumpkin and sunflower seed mix never fails to impress guests.


Mid-morning and mid-afternoon snacks are a great way to give your delegates a pick-me-up for the next sessions. Keep lunch light and healthy so your attendees can remain focussed throughout the afternoon.


Breaks and games

Ice-breaking sessions and team-building breaks are a really good idea to help your delegates make new contacts and enhance their experience at your event. In turn, this will increase their enthusiasm in participating fully in the talks they attend. Breakout sessions will not only give your guests chance to meet and talk, but also to give them some downtime from what might prove to be some quite intense seminars. Whichever space you’re hiring at No.4 Hamilton Place, there will be plenty of extra rooms available for this purpose.


Content and speakers

Choosing the right speakers for your event is crucial in getting your delegates fully engaged with your content. If you can, try and see some videos of them in action or even better, go and hear them talk live. Ask them how they intend to involve their audience and work together on their strategy.


Social media

Hopefully the large majority of your attendees will already be engaged with your social media channels. Encourage them to post during the event, you could even incentivise some activity by offering VIP tickets to an industry event to the delegate whose picture or post receives the most likes or shares during the day.


Make sure the conversations that have been started by the content in your talks keeps going beyond your conference, social media is a good place for this to happen as people can freely interact. This is also a good place to share pictures and testimonials from the day. You’ll also have an already warmed up group of potential delegates for next year’s event.


Conferences and events at No.4 Hamilton Place

We hold dozens of conferences and events every year and we’re always happy to help our clients come up with ways to maximise their delegates’ experiences. If you have any questions or ideas you’d like to discuss with our Events Team, you can reach them on +44(0)20 7670 4314.