Written by Emily Falconer on 30th August 2017

Whatever time of year you get married, a fabulous way to keep your wedding flowers in budget and on trend is to choose seasonal blooms. We’ve compiled a simple guide to some of the most popular choices on offer, for whenever your wedding is planned.


Spring flowers come in a huge array of varieties, colours and fragrances. Whether you’re after pastel and more neutral tones or you’d prefer a bright and vibrant colour scheme, spring will provide you with an abundance of choice. If you’re after the archetypical spring colours (yellow, red, purple…) you can’t go wrong with tulips, daffodils and hyacinths. Other blooms that work well within this theme include a huge variety of roses, which also cross over into the pastel palettes. Peonies, stocks and gypsophylia are beautiful flowers if you prefer more muted tones.

wedding flowers

Spring peonies


Gerberas and carnations are great in the summer, not only are they in season, but they come in a huge variety of colours including white, orange, purple and every shade of pink and red you can imagine. They are also a sturdy, long-lasting bloom which can be important to consider if you’re getting married on a very warm day. Some flowers, those of a more delicate disposition like sweet peas, may not fare as well in the heat. Lilies, peonies and marigolds are also popular choices and of course there are lots of rose varieties on offer during the warmer months.

wedding flowers

Gerberas and roses


As the weather cools down, floral wedding displays start moving away from pinks and yellows and towards the typical oranges and deeper reds of the autumn range. Calla lilies, leucospermum, chrysanthemums and anthurium make great additions to bouquets and centrepieces. Berries, branches and woodland foliage can also be added to add structure to displays helping them maintain their integrity throughout the day. If this colour palette doesn’t appeal, couples could also opt for tones of dusky pinks and purples, using blooms including roses, hydrangeas and again, calla lilies.

wedding flowers

Deep orange chrysanthemum


Traditional winter colours for wedding flowers are dark red, green and white, and this combination never fails to create a striking appearance. Roses, gypsophlia and lisianthus are available all year round and fit well into this theme. Another great choice for a winter wedding, is to go all white. Gardenias, orchids and roses can be incorporated into a white wedding theme and are a fantastic choice for elegant or glamorous displays.

wedding flowers

White roses

Expert advice

Whatever time of year you’re getting married, don’t make any decisions until you’ve spoken to your florist. They might have a fabulous supplier for a type of flower you’ve not even heard of and they will definitely be able to advise you on what’s going to be at its best on your exact wedding date. We work closely with handful of highly experienced, trusted florists and we’re always happy to put couples in touch with suppliers we think will suit their needs best. One of our favourite florists, Liz Jones from Blue Sky Flowers, is going to be sharing lots of tips, tricks and advise when she takes over No.4 Hamilton Place’s social channels for a week later on this month. Make sure you don’t miss out and follow @4HamiltonPlace.


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