Written by Emily Falconer on 13th July 2015

Summer is our favourite time of year to serve fresh, seasonal food. The summer months give organisers a window of opportunity to get creative with some of the country’s most exciting ingredients, so if you’re hosting a summer party, don’t miss the chance to impress. Take inspiration from our in-house catering team, foodbydish, as they talk us through this summer’s hottest seasonal ingredients and share one of their favourite recipes.

Chilli, lime and coriander crusted tuna on courgette noodles

Greens (and reds and oranges and yellows…)
‘Salads and vegetables start getting exciting in the summer,’ says No.4 Hamilton Place’s Head Chef Blair Johnstone. ‘Chicory, fennel, radish and the humble pea (to name but a few) are all in full swing and we make the most of them in our menus.’

One of our stand-out summer dishes this year is our Terrine of Summer Vegetables (the season’s sweetest baby corn, carrots and courgettes) which comes with a Chicory Salad and is served with a Champagne vinaigrette.’

Surf and turf
There are also summer champions in the meat and fish categories. Mackerel, lamb, crab, scallops, venison and sea bass are all at their best and can be used in canapés, main sit down meals and for barbecues on our newly refurbished Terrace. Our Lamb Kebabs with Tangy Yoghurt, Preserved Lemon and Mint are the perfect dish to serve your guests on a warm summer’s evening as they take in the beautiful views of Hyde Park from our stunning outside space.

Lamb Kebabs

Sweet treats
Dining Alfresco is one of the finest things about a British summer. There’s something about the fresh air which seems to intensify flavours and create an unbeatable ambience. This is never truer than when you’re standing in the warm summer sun with a bowl of British-grown strawberries and cream – is there is tastier mouthful of food?

4HP’s dessert menu takes real joy in celebrating all the fruits of summer. Fresh berries for our Eton Mess, Mini Pavlovas, Summer Berry Puddings and Blueberry Compote are a handful of the imaginative ways our chefs take advantage of the season.


Whet your appetite further…

Whatever your culinary vision for your summer party, we can help you create a menu that works perfectly with your theme. Like this Smoked Haddock Kedgeree Burrito we recently made for a Mexican event we hosted.

400g smoked haddock fillets
220g long grain rice
10g butter
1⁄2 onion
3tsp mild korma curry paste
1 red chilli
1⁄2 lemon
4 large eggs
Ready-made soft flour tortillas, warmed briefly in a hot dry pan
Little Gem lettuces, finely sliced

Boil the rice until soft following instructions on package. In the meantime, place the haddock in a frying pan, add enough water to cover it and bring it to simmering point and cook for 2 to 3 minutes. Once tender, discard any bones and flake the haddock. Melt the butter in a saucepan, fry the finely chopped onion then add the curry paste and chili. After 2 or 3 minutes, add the cooked rice and fish and add lemon juice. Boil the eggs for 6 minutes, cool, remove the shells, slice and add to the pan. Warm tortillas briefly before service, add the sliced little gem before placing the Kedgeree into the burrito. Wrap it all up and serve in tin foil to retain heat.

Get in touch
Get in touch with the No.4 Hamilton Place Venue Team on 020 7670 4314 / [email protected] to discuss your summer party and any ideas you may have for the menu you’d like to serve.