Written by Emily Falconer on 22nd December 2017

Guest Blog from The Wedding Secret: Romantic places to propose in London at Christmas and New Year

There’s a very important piece of jewellery burning a hole in your pocket. You’ve found the right person, picked out the right ring – but you just can’t find the right place to ask that all important question.

Proposing is a tricky business. ‘How did it happen?’ is the question everyone will be asking in the run-up to the big day, so make sure that you’ve got something good to say. London is a brilliant place to visit and, even if you live there, there is always something new to discover. At Christmas, in particular, the city is transformed beneath a tumbling cascade of shimmering lights. So, if you’re searching for the right moment to pop that all-important question, you could hardly find a more romantic time of the year than Christmas.

For those of you planning a perfect proposal this Christmas, The Wedding Secret has made a list of our top romantic places to propose in London:

Sky Garden

Treat your significant other to stunning 360 views of the London skyline. Unique in that it is London’s highest garden, this sleek and friendly venue is perfect for a proposal. You and your partner can share an intimate meal in one of their two incredible restaurants; Fenchurch or the Darwin Brasserie and enjoy a mouth-watering selection of contemporary British food with an exhaustive cocktail menu. This Christmas, the garden is turning festive with a pop-up winter bar that is perfect for making you feel like you’ve walked into that Christmas song classic; ‘Winter Wonderland’.

After you’ve eaten, invite your partner for a walk through the garden and finally, with the sun setting over the glistening London skyline in the background, get down on one knee.

Kyoto Gardens

This secluded garden in Holland Park is perfect for any couple who like to travel but aren’t able to go abroad. The bridge, overlooking the garden’s waterfall and koi filled pond, is a great place to pop the question. The garden was designed by a well-known Japanese architect and, in addition to its waterfall the garden is also home to several stone lanterns and a British adaption of a traditional Kyoto stone water basin.

The garden is stunning no matter the time of year but in winter snow scatters over the waterfall’s rocks and frost creeps across the stone monuments in glistening threads. Flashes of incredible colour dot the landscape as Holland Park’s signature peacocks roam freely. What could be more auspicious than beginning a new phase of your relationship and to propose, surrounded by the sacred animal of the Greek goddess of marriage, as a new-year is born.

Little Venice

The starting point of the Regent’s Canal, Little Venice boasts a quaint and charming waterway, framed by traditional, canal facing buildings. In the centre of the canal you can pass by a delightful little island and shelter beneath the sweeping arms of the islands willow trees.

The Westminster village is a delightful little London gem. You can experience an enjoyable evening sailing down the canal for an unusual and picturesque day trip. At the end of your trip, moor your boat to the stunning Remembrant Gardens, slip the ring into your pocket and unpack a pre-prepared picnic of hot chocolate and marshmallows for an incredible winter feast.

Hutong Restaurant

A luxurious restaurant located in splendour, the Hutong Restaurant has the honour of being housed on the 33rd floor of The Shard – giving it unparalleled views of London from one of the tallest buildings in London. Even better is that, during Christmas, you get an impossible, eagle-eyed view of the London Christmas lights.

The restaurant is certainly taking advantage of these views, each party will be seated by one of their wall to ceiling windows and, though you won’t be dining privately, screens can be brought out to give you a personal and private area.

The room itself features a wall of stunning red Chinese lanterns and elaborately carved moon doors. The food itself is a study Northern Chinese culture. Inspiration for the food and cocktails is taken from dishes served in the imperial palace and the highlight of their menu is definitely the Peking duck which is carved at your table.

From the delicious food, luxurious scenery and the host of angels, stars and bells lighting up the streets of London below, it’s easy to find the perfect moment to get out the ring.

St Paul’s Cathedral

This incredible historic cathedral has been home to some of England’s most well-known and influential weddings, including Princess Diana’s wedding to Prince Charles. The cathedral features incredible white architecture, two elaborately decorated clock towers and a high domed tower which make it a key part of London’s iconic skyline.

Inside, the sweeping halls are surrounded by intricately detailed paintings and stone reliefs. The ceiling is a riot of colour, with depictions of saints in portrait and mosaic form providing a glorious and elegant backdrop. Around Christmas the cathedral is a daily host carollers, with the echoing walls creating a harmony of sound; the perfect accompaniment to any romantic proposal.

The thing that makes St Paul’s Cathedral more romantic than just any lavishly decorated building in London, is definitely its rich history and its curious Whispering Gallery. Created quite by accident, it was discovered that one effect of the dome’s shape was incredible acoustics. If you stand in the Whispering Gallery and whisper something into the wall you can be heard all the way around the dome.

For a romantic surprise why not ask your partner to try it out? When they’re round the other side of the gallery just whisper your question to the wall – they’ll hear it. What a way to propose! 

Of course, proposing isn’t the end of the matter. Once that’s done you’ve still got the wedding and the engagement party to plan. A great place for this is No. 4 Hamilton Place. The spacious venue in central London is a great place to gather your friends and family in a celebration of your love.