Written by Emily Falconer on 14th January 2016

Newly Engaged?

Being engaged is so exciting. The proposal, the ring, breaking the good news to friends and family. But there’s often little time to enjoy the moment. No sooner has the word ‘congratulations’ left a well-wisher’s lips, then the inquisition begins… ‘When are you getting married?’ ‘Have you found a venue?’ ‘What will you wear?’.

With your head still spinning from your very recent change in status, the whole idea of planning a wedding can feel overwhelming. Where do you even begin? Well, we (the Wedding Team at No.4 Hamilton Place) thought you might appreciate a little help to start you off in the right direction. Read on to find out the first five things any newly betrothed couple should (in their own time) set in motion.

Champagne pouring


You don’t have to firm up an exact date straight away, but choosing a month and a year is a great start. Check with key family members and friends to see if they have any trips, other weddings or big celebrations that might have already been booked in. Other dates to keep in mind include school holidays, sporting fixtures (do you really want half your guests nipping off to check the FA Cup final score during the speeches?), bank holidays and people’s birthdays.

If you’d like to get married within the next 12 months you also need to expect potential guests to have already booked up, or at least blocked out time for their family holidays. The most important thing to do is talk to people whose possible absence at your big day would impact your enjoyment of it.


A boring but essential part of the planning process. It’s only by counting all the pennies that you can actually begin to see what might be possible for your wedding. Get geeky and put every single expense you can think of into a spreadsheet, don’t forget the smaller items such as flowers or crockery and always allow for a 10% contingency.



Where you choose to get married is probably the most agonised-over decision an engaged couple will have to make. It’s also where a large portion of your budget will go, so take your time over this one. Before you start searching, sit down and together compile a list of your requirements. It’s all too easy to fall in love with a venue that doesn’t deliver on a practical level, so you need to set these parameters from the off.

Start your research online and when you phone to book in a show round, discuss your potential dates upfront. Make sure you fully understand how the fees work and ask outright if there are any other costs you haven’t already discussed that you might end up incurring.

Other things to consider in regards to your venue include local transport, overnight accommodation, do they have a late licence to serve alcohol and what are the catering options?

The house and terrace

Wedding party

Choosing bridesmaids, ushers and the best man are all very important appointments. Most people will have a pretty good idea of who these jobs will go to, and as soon as the roles have been distributed, you can start delegating tasks, so don’t delay! If you are not having maids/ushers simply choose some great friends to take on some tasks and share the organising.

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The Outfits

As well as wanting to give yourself enough time to try on lots of outfits be it a gorgeous dress, stunning suit or wonderful footwear and enjoy the process, it’s also worth cracking on with choosing the dress or suit as some will take up to nine months to be made. Some of the more popular wedding dress shops/ bespoke suit making establishments also have quite a waiting list for appointments, especially on weekends. Your outfit for your wedding day is like no other you’ll ever wear, so be open minded and make sure you take someone with you who will give you an honest opinion.

So, there you have it, The Big Five. There’s an awful lot more to do when organising a wedding, but these important first steps will get the ball rolling and the rest will soon fall into place. Enjoy!


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