Written by Emily Falconer on 8th June 2018

Multi-space events at No.4 Hamilton Place

Whatever type of event you’re organising, it’s likely it will benefit from utilising more than one room. Whether you use your extra space for networking sessions and catering or just somewhere for registration and a cloakroom, we believe it will enhance your guests’ experience and make your life as a planner a lot easier. No.4 Hamilton Place is particularly well-suited to multi-space events – let us show you how we do it.

We believe every moment of your guests’ experience should be of a consistently high standard. At our historic venue, every one of our rooms has its own charm and is somewhere in which you’ll be proud to host your visitors. Whether you’re taking over our modern Bill Boeing conference theatre or the stunning Argyll Room with its Edwardian elegance, there are several additional spaces in close proximity and with facilities in keeping with your main space that will hugely enhance your multi-space events.

We have 10 spaces at No.4 Hamilton Place spread out over five floors. This means there’s likely to be a combination of rooms you can use on the same level, giving your event a great sense of flow. If your chosen spaces are spread throughout our beautiful town house, then it’s no great hardship as one of the most striking features of our venue is the ornate, sweeping staircase. Multi-space events will also give your guests a chance to enjoy a range of views of central London.

One of the most popular options for clients using our largest space, the Bill Boeing theatre, for a conference or event is to use the Marshall of Cambridge Room and Foyer as well. This gives organisers a separate registration area and a beautiful room, with plenty of natural light in which to provide catering and networking for delegates. We find the combination of the contemporary conference facilities and the period charm of the catering space gives organisers and attendees the best of both worlds.

Bill Boeing LT

Another favourite option for clients is to use our fabulous roof terrace, which overlooks Hyde Park, to give their guests a complete change of scene and an alfresco element to their event. It’s also a very popular catering space throughout the summer months for organisers wanting to combine their meeting or conference with a little alfresco dining.

This can be as well as smaller breakout rooms on the 2nd floor where the Handley Page and Sopwith work well together for smaller numbers of up to 40 guests or as breakout rooms for larger events.


The third floor also boasts two smaller rooms that can be used as breakout spaces or as standalone rooms for meetings and events for smaller numbers of guests. Our Airbus Business Suite in the basement is our final floor and can be used for numerous meetings in a modern setting which was launched in 2014 after major renovations.

Venue Hire at No.4

Whatever type of event you are planning, we can help. Give the team a call on 020 7670 4314 or email and we can work with you to make your event a success