Written by Emily Falconer on 31st October 2017

How to fuel your delegates – conference catering

Any meeting, conference or event is only as good as its attendees. Luckily, there’s a lot that organisers can do to help engage and inspire their guests, including choosing a fantastic venue and selecting highly stimulating content. However, this is all going to have gone to waste if your delegates are sluggish, tired or worse, hungry! The food and drink you serve at your event should be seen as a fuel source for your guests. Get it wrong and you could end up with a lack-lustre audience not firing on all cylinders, but get it right, and you’ll see your event unfold at full throttle. Here’s how to give your attendees the chance to perform their best. Conference catering is key!


Breakfast meetings

There’s a reason breakfast meetings are on the rise. Most people have bags of energy in the morning and are capable of being highly efficient, but they will often require a kickstart. A good selection of high quality teas and coffees is an absolute must. Our in-house caterers, foodbydish, serve Musetti coffee and Tea Pigs tea and herbal infusions. Most people require a little caffeine to get going first thing, but for those who prefer a healthier alternative we also serve a wide range of juices and smoothies.


Our conference catering breakfast menu options include a sit-down Full English, a traditional Continental and our very popular Superfood Buffet. If you’re holding a stand-alone breakfast meeting then indulging your guests is a sure fire way to get everyone on side, and if you’ve got other sessions booked throughout the day, a healthy option will help maintain stamina and avoid energy crashes later on. Our Superfood Buffet is specially created using ingredients like seeds and nuts that release energy slowly, meaning your guests won’t feel overly full after breakfast, but will have enough energy to concentrate for the entire meeting.

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Breaks and snacks

As mid-morning and mid-afternoon approach, tummies start to rumble and if you’re not careful you might end up with distracted delegates who are beginning to get hungry and thirsty. A great idea to lift spirits and moods at these times is to serve juices, smoothies and tasty bites like flapjacks and fruit for the conference catering. We serve delicious options including Apple, Mint, Celery and Lime juice, Superfood Flapjacks and Seasonal Fruit Smoothies. Our selections keep things healthy and the flavour combinations are exciting and of course, very tasty.



Holding an all-day event requires a little bit of thought as far as lunch options go. You need to ensure your guests have enough sustenance to keep them going to the very last session of the day, but you also have to be careful they don’t eat lots of carbohydrates which might make them tired in the afternoon. Whether you want a working lunch, a sit-down, three-course meal or a standing buffet, all of our lunch menus offer dishes which have been designed to create this balance. Examples include Beetroot cured salmon; dill creme fraiche mousse; lemon gel and crisp rye bread, Curly kale and orange glazed carrots and Chickpea; pomegranate; couscous salad with tahini.

The great thing about the healthy options created and served by foodbydish, is that guests never feel cheated. The food tastes special and indulgent because it’s prepared with the finest, seasonal ingredients and our kitchen team is second-to-none at marrying flavours.

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Presuming dinner is your final chance to feed your guests, this is where it pays to be a little decadent or even extravagant. Our seasonal three-course menu will be the talk of your event and it offers a great opportunity to show your guests how much you appreciate their attendance. Starters include a Goat’s cheese; fig and onion tart; micro salad and sesame seed dressing. Mains include Slow cooked pork belly with potato puree; sauteed savoy cabbage; warm apple and cinnamon chutney and crackling and the dessert menu comprises delights like Chocolate and hazelnut torte with bitter chocolate sauce and salted caramel ice cream.

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Expert help

Our Venue Team and chefs are well-practised in the art of balancing the needs and wants of guests at our central London venue. They can offer you advice on preparing the perfect catering schedule for your specific requirements. To start the conversation give them a call on +44(0)20 7670 4314 or email.