Written by Emily Falconer on 23rd January 2017

Food for Thought when Planning your Next Conference or Meeting

When developing menus for conferences and meetings, the emphasis on providing great tasting food is seeing an important shift into considering how superfood effects the performance of delegates.

Meetings and conferences are often long days requiring a high level of concentration and engagement, yet traditionally served foods at such events seem to gravitate towards sugary and sometimes heavy options, such as pastries. While these snacks deliver a short burst of energy, they also crash energy levels over a longer period which can make attendees unproductive. At No.4 Hamilton Place we are committed to providing maximum value to our clients not only by offering world class venue facilities, but also by creating catering options which ensure their delegates perform to a high standard.


With this in mind we have worked with our award winning catering partners, Dish, to introduce superfood menus that give our guests access to interesting, varied, and nutritious options to get the best out of their day.

For the most important meal of the day, a breakfast superfood buffet offers a wide selection of delicious fruits, yoghurts and cereal with the slow releasing energy qualities needed to set you up for the day. This includes Greek style yoghurt, honey, homemade compote and granola, or for a stodgier alternative we have created a selection of fruit and oat muffins and superfood flapjacks.

Throughout the day, rather than resorting to snacking on croissants and pastries guests can enjoy a pecan, maple, pumpkin and sunflower seed mix, or fruit skewers with passion fruit coulis. For those that need that caffeine hit, Musetti Italian coffee will hit the spot, or you can continue on the healthy track with our selection of clean, fresh juices including Apple, mint, celery and lime or carrot, orange and ginger.


Utilising low sugar, vitamin rich, whole grain and low-fat superfoods is an essential strategy to ensure a truly beneficial experience for your delegates, keeping them in an energetic and motivated state of mind to enjoy the conference or meeting all day long.


To enquire about our superfood menus or to check availability for your next meeting and conference at No.4 Hamilton Place please contact us today at [email protected].