Written by Emily Falconer on 19th September 2017

Delegate Wellbeing

Every organiser knows that putting their delegates’ needs at the top of their agenda is the key to running a successful event. But how often are these needs assessed in terms of physical and mental wellbeing? There will undoubtedly be a long list of requirements you have for your event, but make sure your decisions truly take into consideration what’s best for your attendees.

Venue choice

Attending an event means taking time out from your delegates’ day-to-day workload, but this work still needs doing. And, an off-site meeting, conference or exhibition also requires travel out of attendees’ normal schedule and both of these things put a time pressure on your guests, which can cause stress.

What you can do: Choose a venue that has great public transport links, is near to the majority of your attendees’ workplaces and provide clear travel instructions to help them have an short, hassle-free journey.

Pre-event nerves

Not everyone finds it easy turning up to an event. There’s the possibility that some of your invitees will be new to the venue or even the town you’re holding it in. They may not know anyone else there or they might simply find large groups of people overwhelming.

What you can do: Ensure every one of your guests is greeted by a member of the organising team. Ask people if they know anyone at the event and offer to make introductions if they need some help settling in. The first half hour of any event can be agonising if you feel stuck out on a limb, but it takes little effort to ease this angst.

Your menus

At any event, guests are at the mercy of the organisers for everything they eat and drink. If the food on offer is particularly decadent, you might have attendees having to compromise their healthy eating plans, but you’ll also run the risk of a post-lunch slump in energy levels as your delegates crash from their sugar and carbohydrate highs.

What you can do: Serve delicious, healthy food. Any venue worth its salt will have a fabulous, healthy eating option for lunch and snacks which won’t leave any of your guests hungry or disappointed.

Breaks between sessions

Events are exhausting to run, but they are also tiring to attend. A tight schedule with very little downtime will result in your event – and your guests – fizzling out by the end of the day.

What you can do: Factor in regular breaks in between talks to give your delegates time to absorb the information they have just received and to give them the energy they need for their next session. Some of your guests might still be feeling anxious. Ice breaker/networking games will help make everyone feel more relaxed. Also, make sure good tea, coffee and snacks are served mid-morning and mid-afternoon and, weather permitting, ensure all of your delegates spend some time in the fresh air so bodies and minds are re-fuelled.

Checking in

Perhaps the rooms are too cold, someone’s not feeling well or a guest has a question about the afternoon’s talk. Things will occur during your event that require your attention and there’s nothing worse for a delegate than having no one to turn to.

What you can do: Be present in between sessions and chat to your guests to make sure they’re okay. Also, make sure everyone knows how to get hold of a member of the organising team throughout the day should they need to.

At No.4 Hamilton Place we take the wellbeing of our staff, clients and guests seriously. Which is why we were proud to hold the launch event of #eventwell17 at our historic townhouse this week. Our yoga-based morning was a huge success! If you have any queries about the wellbeing factors of your next event at No.4 Hamilton Place, don’t hesitate to speak to one of our Event Team on +44(0)20 7670 4314.