Written by Emily Falconer on 19th July 2017

We’re lucky at No.4 Hamilton Place as the period features, furniture and natural light in our venue give organisers a beautiful backdrop in which to create a fabulous event space. Whether you’re hosting a party, wedding, awards do or launch reception, spending time and effort dressing your room can be the factor that takes your event from good to great. So read on to be inspired…




The walls of our ultra-modern Bill Boeing Suite are great for organisers wanting to get creative with digital imagery. Whether you want to project live pictures of your party in full swing, company logos at your conference or funny pictures to accompany a best man’s speech at a wedding, the sky’s the limit when you have a blank canvas.

In parts of the house which retain the building’s Edwardian charm, strings of fairy lights, paper streams or beautiful swathes of silk adorning the walls will completely transform the space. A Moroccan bazaar, a winter wonderland and a bright, colourful Bar Mitzvah party… we’ve held all sorts of themed events in our Argyll Room and its versatility never fails to impress organisers.


Table decorations

For a formal dinner it’s really important to make sure your tables look the part. Your guests are going to be sitting down for a large part of the evening, so give them something worth looking at, or even, something to play with. Table confetti, favours, games… there’s lots you can do to transform a dining table into a feature.


Props and zones

Feature areas create focal points that draw guests together and get people talking. Ice sculptures aren’t a new idea, but they always draw gasps and give an event a certain wow factor. Other things you could consider are a photo booth with novelty dressing up items, a spa with mini manicures and massages or a water feature. There’s such a wide range of imaginative and memorable things you can house in your event space that will hugely enhance every guests’ experience.



Theming and decoration doesn’t need to be confined to the way you dress a room. Get interactive and think theatrics. Sparklers, liquid nitrogen and cake lollipops with a ‘help yourself toppings’ station are a few ways you can create something really special from one of your dinner courses.



Creating the right atmosphere and ambience for your event doesn’t need to involve physical props – clever lighting can be just as effective. Warm ‘uplighting’ will produce a more intimate feel to an evening drinks party and colourful lights will bring a sense of fun to a party with live music or a DJ.



One of the most effective ways to set the look and feel of an event is to get an experienced florist to dress your space. There’s so much more to getting floral than centrepieces and bouquets. The fireplaces at No.4 Hamilton Place look spectacular when draped with garlands and our beautiful staircase is even more impressive with a display of blooms winding up its banister. Whether you’re going for glamour (rose petals scattered on the entrance floor), exotic (potted palms and lilies on the Terrace) or English garden (hanging peonies trains on the walls), a fabulous florist will be able to take your theme to the next level.


One of our favourite florists is Liz from Blue Sky Flowers. She knows No.4 Hamilton Place inside out and is always coming up with new ways to help organisers realise their event vision through her designs.

Make sure you’re following us (@4HamiltonPlace) by August so you can enjoy Liz’s takeover of our social media channels where she’s going to be sharing her floral tips, tricks and insights.