Written by Emily Falconer on 3rd January 2014

Did you spot us?! After keeping it a secret since August, we were ready to explode with excitement on Christmas Day whilst watching the Downton Abbey Christmas Special! The Downton cast spent two days at No. 4 Hamilton Place, home of the Royal Aeronautical Society, taking advantage of our original Edwardian features, beautiful staircase and Argyll Room. No. 4 Hamilton place was transformed into the Embassy Nightclub, for the much anticipated Christmas special, with our grand staircase and stunning Argyll room complete with a band and a dance floor appearing on the screens of around 7 million viewers on Christmas Day alone.

Downton Abbey cast

Downton Abbey

[Spoilers Alert!]

No.4 Hamilton place featured in two key scenes. The first scene is just five minutes into the 2 hour show, where Lady Rose and her friend Madeleine Allsop (Lord Aysgarth’s daughter) visit the Embassy nightclub and are introduced to the Prince of Wales and his mistress, Freda Dudley Ward. The second scene was around 20 minutes into the show and a vital one for the plot, when Rose and Freda go back to the Embassy after supper and Sampson joins them. Freda has shown Rose a love letter she received from the Prince and as they sit at their table at the Embassy (our Argyll room) Rose mentions something about it. They leave the table to dance and Rose asks Sampson to watch their bags – at this point he takes advantage of being alone at the table and he takes Freda’s purse and steals the letter from within it. Filming for the episode took place in a number of other impressive buildings such as Lancaster House, which was used to depict the interiors of Buckingham Palace; Goldsmith’s College; and Basildon Park in Berkshire.

It was a privilege and an honour to be chosen to be a part of the hit TV drama’s Christmas Special and we hope that you enjoyed watching it as much as we did! Following on from the success of No. 4 Hamilton Place being used as a filming location, if you would like to use our venue in an upcoming production, please email [email protected] and we will be delighted to assist you.