Written by Emily Falconer on 31st March 2017

The importance of getting AV right

When you’re planning an event there’s so much to think about and so many exciting decisions to make. The venue, the food, the speakers, the music… These are the things that make an event enjoyable to organise and fun to attend. But the one very important part of any conference, meeting or party is AV. It doesn’t seem to get much airtime, but is essential to every event’s success.

The Audio Visual equipment is the behind-the-scenes hero at lots of events. Projectors, sound systems, mics and HD screens can be  the reason an organiser chooses to book a particular venue, so it all needs to be high-end and work flawlessly to avoid disaster. Here at No.4 Hamilton Place we understand the importance of getting the AV right – this is how we do it…


In our biggest and most versatile space, the Bill Boeing Room, the in-house lighting system has over 500 adjustable colour and setting options. Our brand new piece of equipment makes it possible for this one space to be transformed from a formal presentation room to a workshop, a gala dinner or even a disco with the touch of a button. Getting the lighting right at your event not only helps set the mood, but when used effectively, can reduce the need for expensive decorations.




Our Allen & Heath sound system comprises a top of the range PA and mixer. It’s a versatile system which can easily be used alongside any other equipment (live bands, DJs, laptops etc). Whatever event you’re holding in the Bill Boeing Room, you can be confident that from our sound-proof booth you will have complete control over what your guests hear and when they hear it.


AV Booth

Having a large and spacious booth means several technicians can work in the same space, using different equipment and not get in each other’s way. The booth overlooks the theatre and we have a team of highly experienced AV staff at our disposal who can offer you as much help as you need with your production. For more details about their calibre and experience, visit the A Star Studios site. Depending on the sort of booking you make, the technical support may be included in your fee, otherwise they are available to hire on an hourly or daily basis rate (minimum booking 4 hours).


Argyll Room and Terrace

It’s not just the Bill Boeing Suite that benefits from fabulous AV equipment and support. The Argyll Room and Terrace has a fantastic surround sound PA system built in and roving mics already set up. Similarly to the system in the Bill Boeing Room, any suppliers (bands and DJs) can work with what we have in place.


Throughout the venue

Whichever space you hire at No.4 Hamilton Place, you and your guests will be able to access high-speed WiFi in every room plus internet. We also have a full-range of AV equipment available to hire including a data projector and portable HD screens.


Get in touch

If you have any questions about the AV facilities and support we can offer you at your next event at No.4 Hamilton Place, don’t hesitate to get in touch with a member of the team on +44(0)20 7670 4314 or email [email protected]